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My Nappy ROOTS

A Journey Through Black Hairitage

Prior to the slave trade, an African person’s hair was their power. A specific hair style depicted social position, tribal affiliation, religious or marital status. The person who dressed the hair was usually a person highly respected and of high esteem. Of course the African Slave Trade changed everything. Our culture, our beliefs, our language, and our identity were all erased.  


During and after slavery, assimilation became a tool of survival. Our need to fit in created the desire to embrace Eurocentric standards of beauty, or the need to look white. This integration was a way to compete and be treated as an equal in mainstream American culture.  Because of early entrepreneurs like Annie Turnbo and Madame C. J. Walker, the “new negro” had a better place in society. Turnbo and Walker developed safe and less painful alternatives to earlier straightening procedures. Their techniques, ambition, and innovations gave that birth to the billion dollar 'multi cultural ' hair care ind­­­­­ustry that exists today. 

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A Journey Through Black Hairitage

My Nappy Roots tells a story through celebrities, historians, authors, journalists, comedians, hair stylist, and business leaders who shape the Black hair care industry. The film features people who were and are instrumental in social, political and economic changes that have influenced the cultural images, aesthetics, and behavior of Black Americans. The feature length film version has commentaries from Vivica A. Fox, Kim Fields, Ella Joyce, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and many many others.  We encourage you to tell your story 



We evolve as a people, as an industry, Black hair, the multi billion dollar industry has been the backbone of Black people in America since 1800

My Nappy ROOTS Traveling Exhibit 

The First MNR Exhibit was housed in the historical Second Baptist Church in 2019.  Each week visitors would visit the church and the highly publicized exhibit with their families after and between services.  Laughter and stories, hands on, multi media clips and short films and Oscar winning short film, Hair Story , Art work and books revived  buried  memories of moms  and dads, and even Pastors.  

The Exhibit will strive to empower African American people to embrace their true identity and understand the importance of economic independence. Through our revolutionary and innovative  Traveling Black Hair  exhibit , we tackle the significance of the power in our hair.  Like our film  which sheds light on the many facets of the Black hair care and is a catalyst to emphasize the broader struggle of African American people in their search for cultural identity and economic independence. Join us on this journey and discover the beauty in being authentically empowered YOU.

We will announce and premiere a soft launch at the 10 year anniversary of Nappywood Expo on Sept 10th, 2023 at the beautiful Ontario Convention Center.

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